Our job shop is proficient at a wide variety of machining processes, which allows us to efficiently machine complex parts in small quantities with extremely short lead times. The job shop has a full assortment of equipment dedicated to running rush jobs, including manual and CNC mills and lathes (NOW INCLUDING FULL 5-AXIS MILLING), wire EDM, and abrasive waterjets with taper comp. We also offer surface, cylindrical, and centerless grinding, honing, lapping, sheetmetal forming, heat treating, and reverse engineering all in house. While many machine shops specifically search for production jobs, we are dedicated to being proficient at machining complex parts in small quantities for replacement or prototype purposes.

Experience Matters
Wagner Machine was started as a job shop in 1982, and we still stick to job shop principles. As far as experience goes, on average, our job shop machinists have over 15 years of experience. We see a wide variety of parts on a daily basis, from basic turned and milled parts, to extremely complicated parts that often require creative machining solutions. We also have experience machining a wide variety of material, including various plastics, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, as well as exotic alloys, custom engineered materials, ceramic, and hardened tool steel. Having access to a wide variety of machining processes in house is very useful, but knowing how to use it is the most important factor in our success. It is up to our experienced machinists to know what process, or group of processes will be most efficient to make your parts. We often use a combination of processes to save time, such as using the waterjet to cut a blank in order to save milling time, or cutting a blank on the EDM to reduce the overall number of machining operations and to increase accuracy.

Job Shop Service
Job shop service can be defined by two main attributes – short lead time, and precision. An inaccurate part fast, or an accurate part delivered a day too late are both unacceptable. Our ability to offer many services in house, helps us to guarantee both consistently high quality, and a fast turnaround on your parts. We do this on a daily basis with parts ranging from simple milled or turned parts to complex multiple-operation parts requiring advanced CNC programming. All of our job shop machinists know how to program CNC equipment, and they have access to our CAM software on the shop floor. This approach allows them to work on programs while parts are running. It also allows them to make changes to programs quickly if anything needs to be adjusted on the fly.

To support our machining capabilities, we also offer reverse engineering services. We have a portable CMM that we can take on site to measure parts. We also use it in house to measure parts that you bring to us. We can measure simple parts, or extremely complex free form profiles, and convert them into a solid model file that is used to program the machines. We have extensive experience in reverse engineering complex die components with tight tolerances and minimal clearance. We also make complete prints so we have documentation if you ever need another part made.