CNC turned Parts

6 Considerations for CNC Turned Parts

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Complex machined parts are our bread and butter at Wagner Machine, so we’ve built up a robust lathe department equipped with conventional and Swiss style machines to deliver high-precision CNC turned parts fast. Most of our machines are multi-channel which allows us to do work on the main and sub spindles at the same time, […]

3d metal printing

3D Metal Printing Design Considerations

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At Wagner Machine, we’re proud to offer 3D metal printing services in addition to our full range of CNC machining capabilities right here onsite at our machine shop in Illinois. Previously on this blog, we explored the advantages of 3D metal printing and provided expert insight on how to determine which capability is right for […]

Don’t Compromise on Quality for Your Complex Machined Parts

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When you rely on a precision machine shop for complex machined parts, you simply can’t afford to compromise on quality.  So much happens from the moment you request a quote to the moment the completed parts arrive at your door. It’s important to work with a shop you can trust to ensure the highest level […]

machining feeds and speeds

How Feeds and Speeds Impact Cost and Lead Time in CNC Machining

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You’re probably used to receiving feedback from machine shops on things like surface finishes, tolerances, and proportions of features. But do you ever wonder why your shop can’t deliver on your exact specifications without increasing the cost and lead time of your part? If you’re happy to remain in the dark, read no further. But […]

Exotic Materials

Why Wagner Machine Is Your Go-To Shop for Exotic Materials

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How many times has a machine shop no quoted you for a project requiring materials that are difficult to machine? Even one time is too many as far as we’re concerned! We get it. Not every machine shop has the right people, processes, and technology to confidently machine exotic materials. But we’re not just any […]

What It Means to Be an ITAR Registered Machine Shop

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When you specialize in making parts that other shops consider too complicated, every project is exciting! But some of the coolest RFQs we receive are for ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) parts. What machine shop doesn’t want to build parts that could end up on the Moon or Mars? Wagner Machine has the manufacturing […]

When Machine Shops Ask Questions About Your Quote, the Customer Benefits

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5 Reasons Machine Shops Ask Questions About Your Quote   When you submit a quote to a machine shop and they respond with follow-up questions, it signals that you’re working with a shop committed to quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.   Machine shops understand that busy customers are often in search of a quick quote. We respect […]

Use Water Jet Cutting Services for Your Next Part

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Do you need a flat part manufacturing process that can handle a wide range of materials at varying thicknesses with a fast turnaround time? Do your flat parts require secondary processes such as tapped holes, countersunk holes, or custom hardware?  Water jet cutting has many advantages over torch, plasma, or laser cutting. While abrasive water […]

Why a Machine Shop No-Quotes — and How to Find One That Won’t

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Have you ever had this experience? You submit a request for quote (RFQ) to a machine shop, only to hear back that the volume is too low, the part is too small, or the job is too complicated. That is, of course, if you even receive a response at all. Sound familiar? The dreaded no-quote […]