If you don’t have prints for your parts, don’t worry about it. We have also invested in a portable CMM for reverse engineering and part inspection. If you have a sample part (even if it is broken), we can measure and reproduce it. We always prefer to measure parts at our facility, but it is a portable system, and we can set it up at your place to measure parts on the equipment that they run on. We have been doing this for almost 10 years. Those years have given us extensive experience reverse engineering complex die components, as well as machine, conveyor, or packaging system components.

The obvious next step is CAD. We have several CAD programs that we use depending on your preferences, and the type of part we are measuring. For simple parts, we often use AutoCAD. For complex parts with mainly geometric features, we generally use Solid Works. For extremely complex shapes with truly free form geometry, we use a program called PowerSHAPE by DelCAM. It is a hybrid modeller that allows both surface and solid modeling. Whatever method we use, we will end up with a print of your part that we keep on record in case you ever need another one made. We aren’t stingy with our prints either. You pay for us to make them, so just ask, and we can give you the prints in whatever format you want.